Vocal Instruction by Raven Kane





Raven has coached some of today’s hottest stars! Training them with the proper vocal technique to allow them to give the best performance they can. Whether it be for a 2 hour rock concert, an intimate acoustic set, in the studio or for film.

Here are some of Raven’s students that you may recognize! Click on anything in RED to hear/see music from each artist.

Juliet Simms

(2012 Runner Up on “THE VOICE”)

Dakota Fanning

(Actress/Singer “The Runaways”)

Siouxsie Medley

(Guitarist/Background Vocalist for rock band, DEAD SARA)

DEAD SARA just completed their second tour with MUSE!!

Travis FRITH Warner


Jason & Joey LaRocca

(of the popular L.A. band, THE BRIGGS)

Kerri Kasem

(Radio DJ and Premiere Diva Vocalist)

Susana Barbary

(Bolivian Pop Star)

Susana sings for THOUSANDS at the Copa Cine Center!

Jason Thomas

(Singer of,  Kingsize)

Alyssa Suede

(Singer/Songwriter, HEARTBEAT)

Alyssa is currently playing live around Los Angeles with her new project, HEARTBEAT.

New music coming soon!

Vonda Shepard

(Singer, over 12 million albums sold)

Gabbi McPhee

(Lead Singer of COUNT)

Josh Carter and Avery Schwartz

(of the band, DEAD OFF CENTER)

Hana-li Pendery

(Lead Vocalist for

Youth for Human Rights world tours)

Additional clients include:

Jaxie Pop, Debby Cutts, Chelsea Alden, Jennifer Simpson, Skatie Noyes, Jasmine Dernehl, Palmer, Mike Schuppan, Lea Frechette, Nikki Armstrong, Nicole Balsam, Kumi Kimball, Jake Isham, Coco Coloma, Jolie Jones, Whitney Yarosh, Michael Mangiameli, Gary Imhoff, Kelly Meyersfield, Elle Boone and more!

To contact regarding voice lessons, please email: ravenkane@earthlink.net

Tyller Gummersall

(Country Artist)