“Raven Kane is a dynamic singer and brilliant songwriter-performer.” ... “Miss Kane exhibits a driving strength born of persistence and genius ...”.

                                                                                           S.M. McElhinney - NYC - The News World

“The score of ATARIA (by composer/lyricist Raven Kane) reflects the influence of classical, broadway and rock music, creating what we feel is its quite distinct and

exciting style. Join us as we develop this promising piece into a unique new musical.”

                                                                                                         - Goodspeed Opera House NEWS

Potpourri & Porcupines “Gary Imhoff possesses that undefinable stage energy which makes a performer glow. ... his best moment comes with a beautifully poignant “My Father” by Raven Kane. Itsʼ a very special moment of theatre.”

                                                                                                                    Lee Melville - Drama Logue

“The Adventures of Denton the Dragonʼ ... There are adventures with amazing creatures from other lands, via a magical balloon ... the performers warble songs that teach as well as entertain, and a story sure to charm both kids and parents.”

                                                                                 Rick Pimental-Habib - L.A. Parent Magazine

“A dragon travels through the ʻLand of Childrenʼs Dreamʼ to visit reality in ʻThe Adventures of Denton the Dragonʼ ... The musical offers gentle, positive messages of friendship and self-discovery.”

                                                                                     Lynne Hefley - Los Angeles Times

“ ʻSkyLinesʼ brings fresh air to Forum.”

                                                                                      Bette Spero - The Star-Ledger

“Must give plus tribulation to Ms Raven Kane and Mr. Ronn Robinson, the creative musicians and lyricists who wrote the show. ... SKY LINES now means “broad and beautiful” to me, no sunset or sunrise needed.”

                                                                                       Fred Porter - Theatre Town & Country

"We desperately need people willing to stand up and be counted in these times of trouble and confusion.  Raven Kane is one of those people. ...Miss Kane is special not only because of the energy and excitement she puts into her work. It's what she says."

                                                                                        -New York News World

“Raven Kane has a singular vocal power: a dramatic instrument that she uses to great effect in the group. ... Vogue 2000 is the perfect mix of visual color and musical thunder.”

                                                  Live At My Place - L.A.ʼs Live Entertainment Monthly

“The New Jersey Theatre Forumʼs presentation of a new musical called “Sky Lines” appears to be timely and valuable. ... Composer Kane, also known as Pauline Frechette,

is capable of some appealing melodies ...”

                                                                                          Phil Cornell - The Courier-News

“Rising young star, Pauline Frechette (aka Raven Kane) is a slick song stylist. ... It can almost be guaranteed that Frechette will one day be commercially ranked up there with other such contemporary female composers as Carol King, Melissa Manchester and Carol Bayer Sager. When she performs at Reno Sweeny next month treat yourself.”

                                                                                          Richard James - Womens Week

“Singer, composer, pianist, Pauline Frechette (aka Raven Kane) made a big hit last weekend when she sang her original songs and accompanied herself at Barbarann. This must see new act ...”

                                                                                           Dick Miller - New York, New York

“Neil Diamond brought his “love in the Round” tour to Los Angeles... Particularly poignant were duets with background singer Raven Kane. Kane stepped into the spotlight and convincingly play-acted as Diamondʼs distanced lover.”

                                                                                          Adam St. James - L.A. Daily News

“ A duet of “Youʼve Lost that Lovinʼ Feeling” with backup singer Raven Kane, whose powerful voice was a worthy match for his own, provided one of the eveningʼs highlights.”

                                                            Dave Larsen - Music Review, Dayton Daily News

“Duets of “Youʼve Lost That Loving Feeling” and “You Donʼt Bring Me Flowers” with backup singer Raven Kane are more like it, as is most of Diamondʼs original material”                                

                                                                            Todd Everett - Concert Reviews, Daily Variety

"Raven Kane - joyously sang making the evening a 'magical' one.  Dressed in a dazzling cream-colored top and black skin-tight trousers, Raven stole the show ..."

                                                                                          Star of Mysore (India)


“Correction does much, but encouragement does more. Encouragement after censure is as the sun after a shower.”